Create 3D models from reality

Amita Capture uses photogrammetry to quickly turn a series of photos into ultra-realistic 3D models and save them in the Model and Image library. The created models can be quickly viewed in AR on iOS devices and can be seamlessly used with other professional 3D software.

High-quality modeling at its fastest speed.

Export multi-details and multi-files.

Easily Manage 3D assets and images in library.

Sequence job is easy and quick.

High-quality modeling at its fastest speed.

Rather than manually creating 3d models, which can take weeks, Amita Capture uses photogrammetry to turn a series of 2d images into ultra photorealistic 3d objects  in just minutes. 

Shoot fast, create fast

Creating 3D models that approximate real life is easy with Amita Capture. You can take photos of objects from different angles using your phone, iPad, DSLR or drone, then import the photos into Amita Capture to create models.

Optimized for Apple Silicon

Amita Capture features breathtaking performance and efficiency on Mac computers with Apple silicon. Tap into super fast unified memory shared across the CPU, the GPU, and the engine to build 3D models blazingly fast.

Export multi-details and multi-files.

Amita Capture offers five different model details: preview, reduced, medium, full, and raw . reduced and medium  can be viewed in AR on iOS devices. The raw detail can be up to 30 million triangular faces and 16 8k high-precision textures.

Up to

30 M


Up to

16 8k


Export to


seamlessly work with other 3D softwares

Sequence job is easy and quick

You can create multiple model building tasks or thumbnail generation tasks into the task queue at one time without waiting by the computer.